Ensuring Safety  – Customer Guidelines

As a responsible mover, this document has been prepared to ensure that maximum safety is being achieved. We ask that you follow the below guidelines where possible and report any incidents of possible contamination as soon as possible.

  1. Free Chemical & Moving Pack – We have partnered with a chemical supply company in Leighton Buzzard to provide you with free chemical supplies for moving your house. This contains food-safe sanitiser, hand sanitiser (small and large), cloths and masks. Please use these where possible and ensure that any surfaces that can be sanitised, have been.
  2. Office & Working Areas – We ask that you do not attend the office. Most tasks can be done over the phone or internet call and we ask that you opt-in for these options where possible. Boxes, wardrobe boxes and packing materials can all be delivered and there is no requirement to attend the office for this.
  3. Physical Contact – Please do not have any physical contact or handshakes. We take great pride in wishing you all the best in their new home, and we will continue our same wishes, but with no handshakes. Although you are often generous with drinks, refreshments and tea, we have asked our representatives politely decline such requests to avoid contact.
  4. Vehicle Cab – In the past we allowed customers to travel in the cab with us. This is now strictly prohibited at all times and drivers/porters have been informed of this new policy. Our staff are working hard to keep their working areas clean and if all customers travelled with us, it widens the risk of spread.
  5. Social Distancing – We ask that you adhere to the government guidelines where possible. Two metres is the optimal distance between people. If possible, we also ask that only one person from your household is present during the move at both the old and new house.
  6. PPE – PPE is required at all time if assisting drivers/porters. The minimum PPE is a FFP2 (KN95) mask, latex gloves (regularly changed and no touching faces or food whilst wearing gloves). We are able to provide this to you free of charge so please do ask.
  7. If you are feeling unwell – We ask that you do not attend the booking, job or office. Please contact us as soon as possible if this applies to you. If anybody in your household has symptoms or is self-isolating please inform us so that we can take this into consideration and carry our a risk assessment where required.
  8. Chemicals & PPE – Hand sanitiser is available in every vehicle, every employee should have a full, small bottle and every customer has been provided with one too. Every vehicle also has a food-safe sanitiser and cloths to clean every surface, including desks and vehicles and our staff have been instructed to use this where possible and required. We have invested a significant amount of money to ensure we can continue operating safely so please do ask if you require any more PPE or chemicals. We would be happy to provide this to you.
  9. Re-cleaning – Please do not be offended our staff re-clean areas which you may have already cleaned. Our staff are trying their best to minimise risk and may feel this is necessary in order to carry out their job.

We understand that adhering to strict guidelines is not always possible. If we all do our best to adhere to them as best as we can, we can be confident that we have not spread the virus any further. Thank you for choosing Alltime Removals and Storage Limited for your move, we wish you all the best in your new home. If there are any further questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01582 753329.