Hints & Tips

Three weeks before you move

  • By this time you should have decided upon your removal company (obviously you would use us 🙂 ) As soon as you have your moving date contact us to secure your moving date.
  • If you are packing your own items, label on the outside of each box the room it is from and also a description of the contents of the box. You can use the form on our website to help you to list furniture and plan where you wish to have your items in your new home. It is always a good idea if you can obtain a layout of your new property from the estate agent/house builder, you can then make copies for yourself and make basic layout drawings of where you think you would like your furniture placed. (This isn’t essential but can be fun and get you more motivated to move).
  • Confirm childcare arrangements for moving day if necessary.
  • Plan the best way to look after pets on moving day, if your pets are travelling with you on the day it is a good idea to allocate them a room in your house where they can stay comfortably whilst the Removal Team are packing the rest of your property. Pets can get a little upset as they have no idea what is going on so making them as comfortable as possible is very important. Also if you are moving quite far then plan your travel arrangements so that you can stop and give your pets a break.
  • Start using up food from the freezer.
  • Time to de-clutter, be ruthless if you don’t recognise those dusty items in the loft BIN them. It can be hard to do but unless it has special meaning to you that Rubix cube you never finished back in 1985 and threw against the wall in frustration because you couldn’t beat it (you should of just picked the stickers of it was much quicker), now is your chance for revenge Bin it.

Two Weeks Before Your Move

  1. Time to contact your utility and service providers to arrange final accounts, and reconnection at your new home .
  2. Telecoms/cable provider – transfer/change the phone number to new home.
  3. Electricity supplier.
  4. Gas/Oil supplier.
  5. Water Rates.
  6. Local Council Tax.
  7. Also notify window cleaners, gardeners etc.

Notify change of address

  1. Doctor
  2. Dentist
  3. Optician
  4. Schools, advise of new school addresses so that education records can be passed on quickly
  5. Amend insurance cover on buildings, household contents, motor, life etc
  6. Child Benefit
  7. Motor vehicle registration
  8. Driving Licence (DVLA)
  9. Credit card/store card or credit card protection companies
  10. Notify all hire purchase/lease/standing orders or loans companies
  11. TV Licence
  12. Pension company
  13. Redirection of mail through the Post Office, visit your local Post Office for details or visit Royal Mail Website – it takes up to 10 days to commence      redirection.
  14. Send out change of address cards to friends, relatives, clubs and organisations
  15. Organise the disconnection and reconnection of domestic appliances: washing machine, cooker, dishwasher for your move day.

Two Days Before Your Move

  1. Cancel any regular deliveries (milk, newspapers etc)

The Day Before Your Move

  1. Defrost the fridge and freezer
  2. Check drawers and trunks/chests for any fragile items
  3. Place any liquids, oils and paints to be moved in sealed containers
  4. Put to one side any flammable liquids and drain fuel from petrol mower, paraffin fire etc
  5. Take down curtains and blinds, if you are taking them
  6. Dismantle any wardrobes, book shelves, beds, bunk beds or anything else too large to transport
  7. Pack house plants in containers
  8. Put together a pile of ‘do not remove’ essentials: coats, handbags, snacks,      cleaning material’s, On move day you can make aware to the removal team that certain items are going with you, perhaps allocate a corner to put these items
  9. Pack small valuables separately and leave with essentials pile e.g. jewellery, watches, money, bonds, coins, stamps etc

Moving Day

  1. Take gas/electric/water meter readings and keep a spare copy of readings
  2. Switch off power and water supplies (if necessary)
  3. Lock all windows and doors
  4. Drop keys off with estate agent
  5. Exchange contact numbers and agree meeting time with removals team
  6. Pack  the Kettle where it can be found for that vital cup of tea or coffee, make sure there is a steady supply of biscuits(always a favourite with those hard working Removal Men cough cough)
  7. Pack a suitcase for you and your family to take with you in your own vehicle which has items to survive for a few days, change of clothes, toiletries, medication, items for work, etc. (This is just in case something happens to the vehicle during the move – accidents do happen unfortunately).

The Day After Your Move

Have a look around the delivered items to make sure all items have been delivered and also check to ensure no damage. Removal Companies always like feedback on how the movers have conducted themselves and completed your move. This will allow the Removal Company to maintain or improve the service. A short email to the company with a Testimonial is always appreciated.

I hope you have found our guide helpful, if we can be of any help then please call us on 01582 753 329

“Let us take this opportunity to wish you a very happy future in your new home”

Everyone at Alltime Removals