March Work Blog

Customer: Stuart & Sue Hutchinson

We packed Stuart & Sue last year and stored their belongings at our warehouse as they had their property built. We moved them in from our Dunstable depot to wonderful home in tring road today.

The property looks fantastic and is surrounded by beautiful scenery. The move went very smoothly and the team were away by midday.

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Customer: Mr & Mrs Patterson

Another successful move eventually, we booked a late notice job for a client in Dunstable on 12th of March, with a days notice we packed their 3 bedroom property and were on standby to move them on Friday the 13th a bit of an omen well as it happens the move did not happen and the couple were left with a house full of packed goods for 12 days before we eventually completed the removal for them.

They are now happily in their new home.

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Customer: Mrs Hagger

We moved a client last month who had not purchased her new property yet but had sold her house; we packed and moved her into storage the beginning of March and also stored all her plants outside our warehouse and the team have been watering them regularly, the lads have actually become quite fond of them and will be quite emotional when they have to part company when we redeliver in May.

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Customer: Mr & Mrs Smale

A large move in Leighton Buzzard late into March full pack service provided the day before the move, straight into a new build on the Sandhills development the team had lots of dismantling to do and then reassembly on delivery day. Everything went against them it rained all day and our clients were one of the first to move in so unfinished roads and pavements meant for a hazardous unload, causing the team to slow right down, they protected all the floors in the property before unloading then spent an hour at the end re assembling the furniture beds first so the family could get a good night’s sleep.

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Customer: Joanna & Rob Parker

This was a busy move for the lads so it was good to know that Jo & Rob were very flexible and allowed them to do the pack and move over 2 days with the majority moved over to the new house in Kensworth on day one.

They completed a full pack for them including lots of pictures. The move went really smoothly and Jo was made it smoother for them by meeting them at the new property on day one. The lads completed the move for them on day 2 arranging a lot of the furniture in the property but also storing items in the garage as they were going to be making some improvements in the main house.

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