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August Work

House Removal from Jeans Way, Dunstable, Bedfordshire

Date completed: 11/08/2017

Property Type and address: 3 Bedroom Semi Detached from Jeans Way Dunstable, Bedfordshire
Removal to: Priory Heights, Dunstable, Bedfordshire
Property Type and address: 2 bedroom flat on the 7th floor in Dunstable, Bedfordshire
Job Description: Full pack and move including full furniture wrap for Mr Harral who was a real gentleman with a real positive attitude, who had lived in the same house ofr over 50 years.
Testimonial if given::


House Removal from Houghton Regis to Houghton Hamlets

Date completed: 09/08/2017

Property Type and address: 1 bedroom end of terrace property in Houghton Regis
Removal t: 3 bedroom detached house in Houghton Hamlets, Dunstable
Property Type and address: 3 bedroom detached house in Houghton Hamlets, Dunstable.
Job Description: Wrap and removal to storage of house contents, and removal of all garden plants and ornaments to a friends property in Studham, we stored the contents for a week and returned them on the 16th August.


House Removal from Leighton Buzzard

Date completed: 08/08/2017

Property Type and address:: 3 bedroom detached bungalow in leighton buzzard
Removal to: Storage in Leighton Buzzard
Property Type and address: Storage unit
Job Description: Delivery to storage. on behalf of a commercial clients mother.


Removal from Houghton Regis to Dunstable

Date completed:: 14/08/2017

Property Type and address: 2 bedroom semi detached in Houghton Regis
Removal to: Walgrave Road, Dunstable, Beds
Property Type and address: 3 bedroom semi detached in Dunstable
Job Description: Short notice removal from Houghton Regis to Katherine Drive area of Dunstable, client had packed themselves but required numerous wardrobe boxes.


Removal from Storage in Dunstable

Date completed:: 16/08/2017

Property Type and address: Storage in Dunstable, Bedfordshire
Removal to: Storage in Alperton
Property Type and address: Storage facility on the A40 Alperton
Job Description: After storing our client for 10 years she returned to England to relocate her belongings closer to were she would be living in London after loading to removal trucks we organised her belongings in her new storage unit so that she could access them easily to sort through and dispose of the unwanted items.

House Removal from Eaton Bray to Leighton Buzzard

Date completed:: 17/08/2017

Property Type and address: 2 bedroom terrace property in Eaton Bray.
Removal to: 3 bedroom property in Leighton Buzzard.
Property Type and address: 3 bedroom semi detached property in Leighton Buzzard.
Job Description: full pack and move from Eaton Bray to Leighton Buzzard on behalf of a young couple who were moving from one rented accomadation in Eaton Bray to a larger rented accommodation in Leighton Buzzard.


House Removal from Tring into Storage in Dunstable

Date completed:: 17/08/2017

Property Type and address: 3 bedroom property in Tring furniture removal
Removal to: storage in Dunstable
Property Type and address: storage facility in Dunstable
Job Description: This job was paid by the insurance as the client had experienced a flood in his property, he called us to empty his front room contents and store them whilst the repairs were made to his 3 bedroom property in Tring. we will be returning his furniture as soon as the repairs are made.


House Removal from Heath and Reach to Winchester

Date completed:: 18/08/2017

Property Type and address: 2 bedroom semi detached bungalow in Heath and Reach
Removal to: Winchester
Property Type and address: 2 bedroom cottage in Winchester
Job Description: This client was referred to us by another removal company who we work with, they could not move her on the dates she was completing her house sale and purchase on, she they passed our details to her and we arranged a short notice move for her. We immediately delivered packing materials to her so she had time to pack.


House Removal from Watford to Derbyshire

Date completed: 08/08/2017

Property Type and address: 3 bedroom semi detached property in Watford
Removal to: Derbyshire
Property Type and address: 3 Bedroom semi detached property in Derbyshire
Job Description: Full pack and move from Watford to Derbyshire
Testimonial if given: This is now the third time we have used Alltime Removals and we have received great personal service all the way through the process. Nothing is too difficult for them to handle, even at short notice – and a competitive price too!

House Removal Middlesex

We started the company with one single Luton  van, strong backs, and and a lot of enthusiasm.  But early on we realised an important nuance of moving, and thought it was special. Whether residential or commercial, a move is a major change. It’s the close of one chapter and the opening of another. It’s exciting, scary, and inspiring. It’s also very, very stressful.

But for us – for the movers – when we pay attention – it can be almost magical. In the script of a life, there are chapters, and then there are the strange little spaces between the chapters. That’s where we spend our days. We’re with you between the chapters. We escort you and your belongings from your old home to your new one, and then we’re gone.

We take the stress out of moving.

Our proven expertise:

Our movers are professionally trained to ensure your belongings are in good hands. This means you can rest easy while we make sure your valuables arrive at their destination safely and in the same condition that they left in. It also means that you will appreciate our team’s trademark courtesy and professionalism.

Our personalised services:

We take the time to get to know and evaluate each customer’s needs. This means that you get one-on-one contact with a human being the minute you start planning your move. It also means that you have the peace of mind of personally knowing each and every staff member that handles your belongings.

Our accurate estimates:

Honest, accurate estimates are one of the benchmarks of the Alltime Removal’s philosophy. This means you’ll know straight away how much your relocation is going to cost. It also means you won’t have to pay extra fees at the end of your move.

Our punctuality:

We work on your time, not ours. This means that we won’t be late.


We highly recommend Alltime Removals who we used on a move yesterday and were more than satisfied.
The crew was on time, fast, efficient, professional and polite.

They wrapped everything and took great care with all our belongings.
They made this move a stress free situation for us.

Mr Tundae Akinjola and family – House Move – Middlesex to Luton

March Work Blog

Customer: Stuart & Sue Hutchinson

We packed Stuart & Sue last year and stored their belongings at our warehouse as they had their property built. We moved them in from our Dunstable depot to wonderful home in tring road today.

The property looks fantastic and is surrounded by beautiful scenery. The move went very smoothly and the team were away by midday.

Alltime Removals


Customer: Mr & Mrs Patterson

Another successful move eventually, we booked a late notice job for a client in Dunstable on 12th of March, with a days notice we packed their 3 bedroom property and were on standby to move them on Friday the 13th a bit of an omen well as it happens the move did not happen and the couple were left with a house full of packed goods for 12 days before we eventually completed the removal for them.

They are now happily in their new home.

Alltime Removals


Customer: Mrs Hagger

We moved a client last month who had not purchased her new property yet but had sold her house; we packed and moved her into storage the beginning of March and also stored all her plants outside our warehouse and the team have been watering them regularly, the lads have actually become quite fond of them and will be quite emotional when they have to part company when we redeliver in May.

 Alltime Removals


Customer: Mr & Mrs Smale

A large move in Leighton Buzzard late into March full pack service provided the day before the move, straight into a new build on the Sandhills development the team had lots of dismantling to do and then reassembly on delivery day. Everything went against them it rained all day and our clients were one of the first to move in so unfinished roads and pavements meant for a hazardous unload, causing the team to slow right down, they protected all the floors in the property before unloading then spent an hour at the end re assembling the furniture beds first so the family could get a good night’s sleep.

Alltime Removals


Customer: Joanna & Rob Parker

This was a busy move for the lads so it was good to know that Jo & Rob were very flexible and allowed them to do the pack and move over 2 days with the majority moved over to the new house in Kensworth on day one.

They completed a full pack for them including lots of pictures. The move went really smoothly and Jo was made it smoother for them by meeting them at the new property on day one. The lads completed the move for them on day 2 arranging a lot of the furniture in the property but also storing items in the garage as they were going to be making some improvements in the main house.

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